Your Source for Positioning Equipment and Automatic Welding Systems

Production and quality – two tools you can’t work without. You need to be able to rely on your positioning equipment to get the job done right the first time. Experience goes a long way, but a worker can only be as good as the tools in his belt. That’s where we come in and provide semi-automatic welding systems backed with expert know how.

Stinger Production Equipment creates high-quality fabrication and semi-automatic welding equipment to maximize your productivity. When welds have to be repaired, Stinger knows it costs you time and money. With our production equipment, you won’t spend valuable production time fixing repairs. Our equipment will not only increase your productivity but allow you to automate most of your current welding process. Stinger Production Equipment gives you the tools needed to produce quality products and perfect vessel, tank, pipe and flange welds.

Stinger provides expert consultations in Jimmy Jammer Automatic Welding Systems

We don’t just provide positioning equipment, we also provide live demonstrations so you can see how the equipment performs in a real life welding operations. Whether you are looking to add a new line into your pipe shop or to retrofit an existing assembly operation line, we have the experience and equipment to make your people 20% more effective. Call today to speak to our team about upgrading your welding operation.

Stinger offers a full line of Production equipment:

  • Turning Rolls
  • Welding Chucks
  • Welding Oscillators
  • Welding Shell Buggies
  • Head Stocks
  • Pipe Cutting Machines
  • Manipulators
  • Positioners
  • Turn Tables
  • Tail Stocks