Why Us?

Stinger Production Equipment manufactures every piece of equipment with you in mind. Our pride lies in creating production and support equipment that fits your needs perfectly. We make every machine ourselves, right here in the U.S., so we can guarantee its quality and precision. That also means no outsourcing; you work with us directly, every step of the way, so that we can get your production equipment to you and get you working faster.

Our Louisiana fabrication and machine shop has been producing positioning equipment for over 23 years, and we have decades of experience with equipment fabrication and customization. When you have special application needs, we have no problem customizing the equipment to fit your application or process.

We’re based and operate in Baton Rouge, La.¬†and, as we said before, everything we manufacture is proudly American-made. That means no high-priced overseas shipping costs and significantly shorter delivery time for parts and equipment. We make sure every order is easy and delivered as expected. The precision parts for our equipment are manufactured in-house, which means you can order replacement parts directly from us without delays.