Welding Equipment for Any Application

Our quality parts and welding equipment are made right here in the U.S. so we can get you what you need as quickly as possible. We’ll never keep you waiting on equipment, parts or wondering who to call if you have a question. You work with your local distributor directly to get your business running and your productivity soaring. Stinger Production Equipment allows you to work faster and smarter, increasing productivity and efficiency. With our semi-automated welding equipment, any welder can perform accurate welds, making filling jobs much easier.

We carry the following


Shift your focus from manual welding to welding semi-automation. Our positioners and turning rolls keep your product in place to automate the welding process. Stinger welding equipment makes sure you get the perfect weld.

Our welding equipment rolls and positions with precision, increasing your production. Instead of hand-turning equipment, our turning rolls and positioners can increase production from 20%-30% without compromising accuracy.

Welding long seams or out of round pieces has never been easier. Increase your accuracy on even the most difficult welds with our manipulators.

Turning Rolls
Weld long lengths of pipe with ease. Increase welding production on long runs of pipe by up to 50%.

Welding Chucks
Change out parts quickly and effortlessly with our welding chucks. Get through the labor-intensive part of your job fast and focus on getting the perfect weld with Stinger welding chucks.


  • Self-centering
  • Three standard jaws and three ball lock pins
  • Adjustable for external or internal chucking


Welding Oscillators
Increase the production quality of your welds and lower the time in which you complete them with our welding oscillators.

Pipe Cutting Machines
A precise pipe cut is essential to the welding process. Stinger pipe cutting machines ensure fine, exact edges that weld together seamlessly. Most importantly this machine can do the work of 3 men and provides a 10 fold increase in production with just one employee.